CSB/SCB New Investigator Award Finalists: Masters Level

Two New Investigator awards will be given to graduate students for high quality biomechanics research submitted for presentation at NACOB 2022. Awards are based on the abstract submitted to and the presentation delivered at the conference. The award session presentations at NACOB 2022 are on the 23rd of August from 10:45am-12:15pm.



Masters Student Award Finalists (alphabetical):

 Sarah Abramovic, University of Calgary (Supervisor:  Dr. Walter Herzog)

Abstract Title: The non-intuitive, in-vivo behavior of aponeuroses in a uni-pennate muscle


Avery Hinks, University of Guelph (Supervisor:  Dr. Geoffrey Power)

Abstract Title: Adaptations in serial sarcomere number and whole-muscle passive properties to weighted downhill running in rats


Mitch Whittal, Wilfrid Laurier University (Supervisor:  Dr. Diane Gregory)

Abstract Title: In vivo TAK-242 treatment and its effect on mechanical properties and gene expression associated with IVD degeneration in SPARC-null mice