Call for CSB/SCB 2024 Biennial Conference Bids

CALL FOR CSB/SCB 2024 Biennial Conference Bids

This is an official call for bids to host the 2024 CSB/SCB Biennial Conference.

Any CSB/SCB member(s) in good standing may submit a bid to host the 2024 Biennial conference of the CSB/SCB. Bid packages should be submitted to the Secretary ( by July 15, 2022.

Applications to host the biennial conference will include:

  1. A cover letter by the proposed chairperson(s) indicating their interest in hosting, where the conference would be held, who may be involved in the local organizing committee, and any additional or specific information on host location that would make it an ideal location for a CSB/SCB conference (including but not limited to local environment for social/travel appeal, ease of transportation for members, local funding support, engaged biomechanics community, a host location that has not or not recently hosted a CSB/SCB conference)
  2. Any supporting documentation on potential venues for hosting the conference
  • Any letters of support from members of the local scientific community, CSB/SCB members, members or partner organizations and institutions of the local host site.

The location and chair(s) of the 2024 Biennial CSB/SCB conference will be officially proclaimed at the General Meeting of the CSB/SCB taking place at NACOB on August 23, 2022.